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released April 7, 2017

Recorded during a heatwave in August 2016, by Hein Devos and SUPERGENIUS, at De Kreun, Kortrijk, Belgium.

Mixed by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, San Francisco California, USA.

Mastered by Lewis Johns at The Ranch, Southampton, UK.

All songs by SUPERGENIUS
All lyrics by Edward Godby



all rights reserved


SUPERGENIUS Kortrijk, Belgium

Mich, Ed, Vince & Wim.

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Track Name: All That's Gold
No serenity
In this great tower
I’m kicking up a stink
I could’ve walked for hours
Because I’ve got time to kill and a book to write
But without my pills, it might prove hard

Is this a turning point?
In this great tower
Don’t let me fuck this up
I could’ve talked for hours
But I’ve got friends to kill, and my knives are sharp
Without good will, it might prove hard

I couldn’t help but make you feel mad today
Just know I’ll be right inside, with all that’s gold
Do you think it’d help if I told you “everything’s gonna be OK,” just know I’ll be right inside with all that’s gold…

We’ve got a perfect view
From this great tower
And when we’ve had a few
I’ll talk for hours about my broken brain and my rotten heart
And with whisky grain, it won’t be hard

I’m not sorry that you came, I’m sorry that you’ve been ignored
But I’m a total pessimist and if I speak you’ll just get bored
I’ve been holding in my stomach – spend my life looking at my phone
I know you think that it’s rare but most of time I’ll be listening
Track Name: Charmer
Paint me a picture and stay in the lines, like trains in the night
Irrational thinker, sweet with a temper, afraid of the dark
A master of protest, a killer of idols, forget what you know
You’ve got dirt in your mouth and hope in your heart of which you’ll never let go

Because you’re a charmer
You’ll be making such trouble for me; I can see it when I’m sleeping at my desk
And you know that I know
You’ll be breathing your teeth in
And wanting to sleep in until the afternoon gets dark

Manipulator, pretty sore loser, “I agree with the door.”
A master of business, such wooden charisma, all your goods on the floor
The queen of the barter, progressively smarter, such a beautiful glow
You’ve got dirt in your mouth and hope in your heart of which you’ll never let go
Track Name: Watch The Water
Play tapes of lives forgotten
Read books of memories lost and
Remember when time stood still

Relive old conversations
Moments, congratulations
We had the world, in our hands

And I won’t forget the look on your face
Is it real or a joke in bad taste?
You must be nuts!

Or when we watched the water
The times we’ve watched the water
In different spots

And on most days, she moves from the right to the left side
From back to front she sways, between us, beneath us, at low tide

Long drives, and lonely check-ins
Bronze cast John Lennon head-spins
Hard as hell, as hard as hell

Self control, don’t be drastic
Last kiss, our lives are plastic
I’ll make you smile; I’ll make you grin

And although I like to reminisce
Wouldn’t go back to this
In a million years

Because now we watch the water
Forever we watch the water
And time stands still, it always will.

And on most days, she moves from the right to the left side
From back to front she sways, between us, beneath us, at low tide

From my window, feeling fine
Just like blood flow, the notes that fall from my sides

You see my blood
You see my guts
You see my tears
No ifs or buts
Track Name: Their Designs
Their Designs

No need for your names
We’ve all been tricked by their designs
All running on fumes
Because we’ve built the walls too high

No need for your things
Brighter lights have snared you in
Felt sick, broken, lighter and dumb
All lost, and no one won

Now I don’t mean to be a sycophant
But it seems to me that this thing has got a little bit out of hand

Play games and sing yourself to sleep
Dried up and sold to slavery
Draw straws; prepare your subway kiss
Hold tight and dream of what you’ll miss
Track Name: Acrobatics
When you’ve only got yourself to blame
Look at the choice you had
When the scars align, the self-proclaimed
Winner of nothing much, irrelevant
Young doozy set my heart on fire
Happiness acrobat
With flashing lights and singing choir
Winner of everything, on point today

Release her, right now sir
Don’t forget that I’m a killing machine
With twitched lips, my nerves burn
Perhaps you’re ashamed of me?

Walking around, with your head all in the clouds
Like your favourite song by Hüsker Dü
We’ve gone too far, in the backseat of the car
Got nothing left to prove

I used to play with chemicals
Made me feel interesting
Turns out chemistry was not for me
Bit of a waste of time, irrelevant
Eat the fruit and drink the juice of love
Nourishment for your soul
Stop killing all the time you’re owed
Study the boiling point, the truth be told

Accuse me of thinking
I’ve got no alibi
I’m whittling my days thin
I’ve got no alibi
Track Name: Know Your Knots
Know your knots

Commission out of sync
Believed it never but stayed strong this year
I did it all without a motive

This stolen symmetry
Strung up and tethered and held taught my dear
We did it all

A glider in the air
The hawks hanging are specks up in the sky
They do it all without a motive

And when I’m out of time
It feels blacker than black feels, so near
We do it all…

Rejoice; sing it slow
Relax, only you can know
The details of my time in here
A set of thoughts that never disappear

Into the sand you sink
Slower and deeper, you’re gasping for air
You do it all without a motive

Put down the bigotry
Release the pressure and distress and fear
You do it all

You’d better know your knots
You should be able to tie them all

It has to be secure
It can’t slacken or slip my knots so dear
I need them all
Track Name: Drifting Tonight
I kind of hate to have so many things to see to today
Would’ve liked to eat spaghetti and talk to you about stuff that you say
Was hoping that you, were feeling steady, we didn’t keep in touch like I’d hoped
Now it’s too late, kept on forgetting, left it too long

I kind of hate that I have so many things still to talk about
Would’ve like to drink tequila, and make them into something to shout about
Just know that ever since you told me, it’s been a thing that’s going on in my mind
Now it’s too late, kept on forgetting, left it too long
Track Name: Kinda Wooden
Kinda Wooden?

I’m not a doctor or engineer
Wouldn’t be of much use in the case of an emergency
Been thinking lots about my future, shaped and planned
The funeral won’t cost much, I’m a subtle man, you’ll see

I’ve got this pain in the tip of my elbows
Don’t know why, I’ve not been doing anything of note
But if you’ve got the name and number of an acupuncturist
I’d like to be stabbed and pricked and then told to try and stay afloat

And then she said to me….

“Hey boy, don’t be so coy! You’re awful complex, and well, I like it simple.”
Now, would it be so bad if I held you back, would you smile and laugh, or frown? (Would I smile and laugh or drown?)

I’m not a sportsman or politician
Just in case you’ve been wondering why I don’t make you shout and jeer
Do you think I should lobby for a better working wage?
Or is it too late and too dark and too cold to electioneer
Track Name: Rust And Split
The floating leaves; the northern drawl
Intersection found, sleeping city, you’ll read all about it
Here’s to new sets, proud, choked up at the palisade

Wurlitzer breeze carries scents, kind of new
Touched by older hearts, creeping kids with crimes to commit and…
Shut the tramcar door, watch it disappear up tracks of rust and spit

Won’t someone believe in me?

De-robe our new ambition
It’s the destruction, of sweetness and saviours
I barely back down, but when I do I cave
Heroes and revolutionaries are hard to make fun of, but I’ll keep on trying
I barely back down, but when I do I cave

Drifting sheets, slipping out of control
Touch the window pane, lick my fingers to taste the rain and,
Turn me inside out; make remarks about the state of my soul
Track Name: A Serious Case Of Imposter Syndrome
Left right, all right, can’t do it all tonight
What do you know about stones and sticks and thoughtless tricks, and being hated?
Left right all right, no proof, but it just might
Be for the best if we all make haste, try not to waste what we’ve done

Behind the wheel ten minutes in advance
I can’t wait for the news to start - these French songs make me feel so weary
It’s light; respite, I pass the roundabout
And now they’re telling us something bad that’s happening but we don’t care

When you know that you’re the last to make it
I know how it goes; you’re in a panic
One day they’re going to open up the door to your room and you’ll be done

It’s trite, can’t quite explain the ache and smite
Put the car in reverse and check my mirrors, wave, through gritted teeth
Today, OK, I seemed to muddle through
Don’t you know I’m a nervous wreck, but what the heck, they keep on paying…

I did it all with a sense for adventure
Some simple tricks to carve out a smile
Otherwise you’ll be consumed by the devil
Break your back and stay for a while